Significantly speed up and solidify project workflows

LABO mixed realities represents a missing link when it comes to collecting metadata automatically from the camera and the shot log report from the script supervisor, bringing all the relevant metadata to editorial and dailies, combined with the right media assets.”
Trond Ramberg, workflow manager NRK – Norwegian Broadcast Corporation

GAMP Ingest/Copy

In short: GAMP ingest/copy is fast, structures your project and is easy to work with.

GAMP ingest/copy is a fast project-based copy app. Set up your project rules and drag and drop for your entire production. You’ll never have files stored in the wrong destination with the wrong names again.

  • 30% faster than nearest competitor.
  • Automatic recognition of asset types and production dates. Offers automatic structuring.
  • Ingest media, metadata, and copy “whatever you want” by your project rules.
  • Unlimited simultaneous projects and unlimited destinations and tasks per project
  • Project settings automatically synchronised when new users connect to a project in multi-user setups.
  • Ingest – Edit
  • Simple, fast, secure


9,99 $/month



14-days free and fully featured trial
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We offer 30 days free trial and a 60 days money-back guarantee, if you use this code on order: GAMP2016
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Watch Tutorial Video for getting started with ingest/copy

“Backing up data on set is all about safety, speed and efficiency.  GAMP is fast and efficient at data copied quickly and correctly.”
David Battistella – producer

GAMP speedtest2

GAMP ingest & assisted logging

Significantly speed up the logging process with GAMP assisted logging.

  • Get your clips named from the information on your clapperboard. Scene, take and slate and script notes. Ready for editing. (this functionality currently requires that MovieSlate® has been used while shooting)
  • One-click adding of all relevant assets from a single shooting day to the pool for assisted logging
  • Add comments and manually collected metadata before exporting to editorial
  • Match a rich metadata-set for dailies in Drylab Dailies Viewer

Order GAMP copy & assisted logging (OSX)

39,99 $/MONTH




We offer 30 days free trial and a 60 days money-back guarantee, if you use this code on order: GAMP2016 
This is if you sign up with Credit Card.

Watch tutorial Video to get started with the assisted logging

basic3-072_documents_history_revert_backup-512 Download tutorial GAMP project with two full shooting-days, 2 cameras, ext audio & movieslate files to have a go at the assisted logging (2,2 GB)

GAMP full on-set to post workflow.

An advanced single- or multi- camera workflow-solution with proprietary LABO on-camera hardware, to get shots and metadata seamlessly into editorial and dailies incrementally as the shooting day progresses. Tested and developed in tandem with industry leading film productions since August 2015.

  • Extremely quick turnaround from set to editorial/post.
  • Connect Movieslate® directly to RED or ARRI cameras and match automatic metadata with manual script-notes
  • Preserve data-relations from prep to delivery.
  • Sends your images and sound securely where you want them in the format you want them while you shoot
  • Incremental dailies creation and metadata synchronisation with Drylab Dailies Viewer

Please contact us directly for a customized solution of this revolutionary hardware & software product.

GAMP is designed for multiuser functionality from bottom up.
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LABO GAMP is developed to be a total file-,metadata and workflow handling system of our Live Previz solution (to be released at IBC 2016 ). GAMP simplifies the advanced file- and data management tasks needed  to work with complex file- and metadata- bundles in realtime, on set and in post

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